Monday, 12 August 2013


 (top two: Mariel Clayton, bottom: Amanda Smith)

I went back to Paris this summer but this time took a different approach to my stay. The majority of our time was either spent drinking coffee and eating fruit overlooking beautiful parks or in art galleries. These photos were from an exhibition called 'HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture' at the Halle Saint Pierre and it was definitely one of the best exhibitions I have seen in a while. These two were just two of my favourites although I can't really say that because I liked pretty much everything.
Although the week before Paris I did but 48 acrylic paints (honestly don't know how this happened, I only went to buy an orange) I've really been enjoying exploring other materials. I am currently really liking glass painting although I haven't quite got the hang of controlling the bubbling. I'm also having a lot of fun with ceramics and sticking gems on things. Art is the only GCSE that I am even remotely looking forward to...oh dear.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

there is a kingdom

 (DIY t-shirt, Topshop jeans, Converse, Toy Watch, Orelia hoops, various necklaces)

Still trying to be cool enough to wear Mom jeans and possibly making it worse with the t-shirt...

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

before your very eyes

 (COS jumper, vintage Levi's shorts, DM shoes, Orelia hoops, Mum's gold chain, Me & Zena ring, Cambridge satchel, Toy Watch)

Currently going through a slight obsession with anything gold and sparkly, possibly something to do with the Ellen Gallagher picture I posted before. Up until now, earrings had been the big thing but I'm slowly investing in more necklaces which I layer in twos or threes because otherwise I just feel too bare. On this occasion however I did not hold back and piled on as much as I possibly could before it looked as though I had raided a jewelers.
And if you hadn't already noticed, the title has something to do with the Atoms For Peace concert I'm going to tomorrow ahhhh! But then again, no one I've told has heard of them so I'll let you just Google it if you so wish.